Beratung, Planung und Gestaltung


LS Lublow GmbH with the experts Felix Lublow and Klaus Lublow offers consultation, planning and design of noise barrier elements on streets and railway tracks.

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For administrative bodies, architects, engineering offices, designers, policy makers and processors, we offer individual support for noise protection measures in the following areas:

  • Planing
  • Designing
  • Call for bids
  • Fabrication

Our team offers you comprehensive advice on noise barrier elements and systems in compliance with the European standards: EN 1793 / 1794, ZTV-Lsw 06, DB Guideline 804.5501

  • transparent
  • Aluminium
  • Wood-concrete
  • Metallic fabric


We work in collaboration with various manufacturers of noise barrier systems and will assist you in implementing your ideas.

Naturally, we will always stand by your side during the development and implementation of your projects.

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